Online Certificate Courses

Earn a CMA Certificate by channelling your focus into one of five specialized areas of marketing.

Spanning ten weeks or less, each CMA Certificate Course offers an interactive learning environment with case studies, video instruction and integrated discussion boards from industry experts and professionals. Develop and practice your newly learnt skills and knowledge with our thorough course work which involves multiple assignments, participation, and a final assessment.



Advance your professional development with any of our CMA Certificates:

  • Digital Marketing: Discover the latest trends and best practices in the changing digital landscape from working with influencers to using storytelling to level up your content marketing.
  • Digital Marketing Strategy: Understand the elements of developing a digital marketing strategy from understanding your ideal customer to setting objectives and implementing an effective strategy. 
  • Digital Analytics: Strengthen your analytical skills and gain confidence in optimizing marketing investments. Learn how to best apply a measurement model to your online communications.
  • Integrated Branding: Craft a strong brand strategy and create impactful marketing communications that align and support your vision while adding value to your organization.
  • Marketing Math: Expand your marketing business comprehension and calculate key business metrics to optimize spend and deliver better business results.

In 2021 our CMA Certificate courses begin January 18th, May 10th and September 20th. 

Ready to register? Search our Event Calendar for the CMA Certificate course that interests you by selecting ‘Learning’. Please ensure you have created your MyCMA account and are logged in to successfully register.


Frequently Asked Questions

These courses are designed for practising marketers with at least 1 year of marketing experience. There are no other specific admission requirements.

You will need to spend 4-6 hours per week to complete coursework, but that can vary depending on individual learning styles. Our learners work full-time and still have time to complete the course.

After registering through your MyCMA account, you will be provided with unique login details to access the online learning platform here.

As our courses require a significant time commitment, we generally recommend that students only take one certificate course at a time.

For more information, please contact

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Discontinuation of the Certified Marketing Specialist (CMS) Designation

Previously, the CMA offered a Certified Marketing Specialist (CMS) Designation which has been discontinued. The designation required the completion of all five certificate courses which we now offer individually. If you previously enrolled in the Certified Marketing Specialist (CMS) Designation program, you have until December 31, 2023 to complete any outstanding requirements.

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