Are we still talking about Content Marketing?

Jan 07, 2021


I’ve been teaching and preaching Content Marketing for more than a few years now. And here I am again. With an old message but in a new day.

Content Marketing is more important than ever before. And to explain why, let’s use a metaphor.

Close your eyes and think about the sport of car racing. It’s really easy to go fast straightaway in a race. You invest in your equipment, you hire the right people to look after it, and the car goes zoom zoom. It’s that simple. Table stakes, right?

But the truth is that races are not won in the straightaways. They are won in the corners. As you are approaching, you need to slow down, stabilize, make your plan. Only then do you accelerate before you exit the corner. You press down at the right point and you come out of it with momentum into the straightaway. THIS is where you win the race.

Do you see the parallels here to marketing in a time of COVID?

We’re in the corner. We’ve been in it for a while. But it won’t be like this forever. One day we will be in that straightaway and the plans we make now – will reward us in the end.

The times, they are a changing.

So, the question isn’t “is it time for content marketing?”. Rather, the question is whether or not your strategy aligns with the times.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you plan on reusing your existing content? If so, do you address your brand’s response and future plans around COVID? Or do you even make room in your content strategy to address it at all? Make sure you have a position on this, regardless of what it is.
  • Is your content still appropriate? Look for the subtle and not so subtle triggers. Are you recommending any behaviour that could be deemed as unsafe? Are you sensitive to the realities of today – mental, emotional, physical? A review of what you have, and what you want to create against the backdrop of our current landscape is critical. 
  • What is your amplification strategy? Think about your short-term investment vs your evergreen content investment. A balance is a good idea. Because remember, races are won in the corners!

Once you have a solid grasp of how to move forward, make sure your content addresses some tried and true marketing objectives:

  • Supporting and helping your customers through these testing times
  • Building long-term trust in your brand
  • Educating the customer on your industry
  • Engaging customers in creative ways
  • Entertaining customers so they further align with your brand

Understanding what your audience needs and wants is important in any day. Knowing what they expect from you now is even more important. Place yourself in the centre of that answer. And if you don’t know what they want and how they feel….ask!.  Then relook your strategy and adjust accordingly.  It may not need to be a complete overhaul. It may just need a refresh. 

So yes, let’s talk about content marketing! There has never been a better time. Just watch your language, carefully evaluate your topics and remain aware and sensitive to the new order of life.  Be the empathetic brand in a challenging time.

Want to learn more about developing a content marketing strategy? If so, check us out here and sign up for a 2 ½ hour virtual training session.

Robin Whalen, President & CEO of Church+State and Facilitator of CMA’s Content Marketing Seminar




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