Back to school

Sep 08, 2020

Amid the upheaval of the pandemic, the cycles of life go on. While everything will look different this year, students are heading back to class. I wrote about the profound positive societal impact that teachers have in a blog to staff last week. My Grade 6 teacher, who recognized something I was good at and encouraged me, stands out as a beacon to me. For those who have teachers in their families, I extend my praise and encouragement at this trying time. Thank you for making a difference in our kids’ and grandkids’ lives.

One by-product of this pandemic is authenticity. We look into each other’s homes daily. We speak of real-life issues and struggles with people we don’t necessarily know well. These experiences are truly meaningful. The need for human connectiveness has never been stronger, at least not in my lifetime.

Since the spring, the CMA has been strengthening its value proposition in recognition of the heightened need to bring people together. We have created multiple opportunities for marketers across the country to connect with each other through our diverse programs and offerings. And marketers have responded in droves. Our fall seminar series is almost sold out. A historic number of senior marketers have joined our thought leadership councils. Our first CMA Happy Hour in August, with well over 100 registered, earned rave reviews. (Don’t worry if you missed the memo. There is another one coming on September 29.)

Our first CMA Virtual Awards Gala is coming in November. Our creative events team is pulling out all the stops and it is going to be amazing.

So, my advice to you is to take advantage of everything that the CMA has to offer.  A lot of it is free to members. We need you to be part of the community.

Stay Connected.  Stay Authentic.  Stay Safe.

John Wiltshire




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