Learning to meet the pace of change

Nov 16, 2020

This week I want to speak to marketers who are in the entry or mid-level stages of their careers, but have leadership aspirations.

Lifelong learning and professional development are vital in every career, but perhaps more acutely in marketing. In the year 2020 -- during a global pandemic -- it may be doubly true. On this note, I think that you should consider pursuing your Chartered Marketer (CM) designation.

In 2017, the CMA Board of Directors determined that credentials and standards were the way forward for the marketing profession, given the industry’s incredibly important role in the economy. And so, the Chartered Marketer (CM) program was born. The first class of CMs will emerge in February 2021, with over a hundred now somewhere on the path towards their designation.

Here are the most common questions we receive from prospective learners:   
What makes this program stand out?

  • It’s developed by teams of contemporary marketing subject matter experts and is constantly updated to ensure it is current and highly relevant.
  • The program is 100% online and features the most advanced instructional design for adult learners, with a focus on strategic thinking skills and applied learning.
  • The courses are taught by teams of marketers from different sectors and verticals, thereby giving learners several different perspectives.

How does the program allow me to build my network?

  • It allows learners to have a high degree of collaborative learning with their classmates across Canada.
  • Learners are assigned CM advisors in their final course, who become valuable contacts as they progress through their marketing careers.
  • Once the learner has the designation, they are part of a CM community that will have exclusive networking opportunities within the CMA.

How will this program benefit my organization?

  • The program only demands 6-8 hours per week, making it manageable to fit within a full-time work schedule.
  • Testimonials in our Employer Guide show that learners apply their learnings immediately by sharing knowledge and insights to help drive success for their teams and their organizations.
  • The program requires significantly less investment than MBA programs often funded by employers, but with more practical learning applications.

Marketing community let’s spread the word and equip our future leaders with the knowledge and confidence they need to elevate the role of marketing in Canada. 

Stay well,

John Wiltshire




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