Checking our Digital Pulse

Oct 05, 2020

I have had the privilege of speaking with hundreds of leaders within all areas of the marketing ecosystem over the past six months. We have discussed not only how they are coping, but also what is changing. And indeed, there has been a lot of change. While this anecdotal approach has left me with a good sense of the marketing landscape, there is nothing like good old-fashioned quant research to tell the unadulterated truth. 

And so, with the second wave of the pandemic upon us, this year’s Digital Marketing Pulse Survey couldn’t have come at a better time. Now in its 14th year, the study gauges sentiment on the current and future state of digital marketing by surveying client-side marketers and agencies, and integrates consumer perceptions.

This year’s Digital Marketing Pulse Survey, which will be released at a virtual event on Thursday, reveals significant differences in how marketers view SEM and SEO, the degree to which brand safety concerns have impacted spending, and what aspects of digital marketing are being directed to agencies versus kept in-house, and on many other topics. From a consumer perspective, it offers insights on which platforms/sectors are most trusted with personal data, along with unexpected changes in consumer engagement on social media.

We are pleased to partner with Ipsos and Brunico on this important work.

The report is available only to CMA members and subscribers to strategy

Stay safe,

John Wiltshire
President and CEO




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