Professional Development

Sep 14, 2020

To many leaders, it’s important but not urgent. Like a leaky roof or that tick tick tick sound in your car engine. There are even a few that believe it’s for younger professionals only. From time to time, I engage with people who hold these opinions.

But here’s the reality. Reading the occasional marketing book or listening to a podcast is not going to cut it for most of us. There is just too much change going on in marketing.     

That is why the CMA requires our Chartered Marketer designation-holders, many of whom are CMA Council members, to support their credentials through continuing education. While this can be achieved in a variety of ways, we recommend learning approaches.

I’m a strong advocate for lifelong learning in general because I believe it correlates with a life well lived. From a professional perspective, this often means investing time in curriculum, not just content.  

In support of this principle, we are now opening up many of our Chartered Marketer elective courses to all current Chartered Marketers, so that they have the option of delving more deeply into one particular area of marketing. Our Certificate courses continue to be available to everyone.

Subjects include:

  • CM Brand Elective
  • CM Media Elective
  • Digital Marketing certificate course
  • Digital Marketing Strategy course, 
  • Digital Analytics certificate 
  • Marketing Math.

Professional Development is good for employers, employees and our profession. It builds confidence and capability. It helps elevate marketers and builds trust in the power of marketing to transform business. 

Happy learning this fall!

Stay well,

John Wiltshire
President and CEO




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