Keep connected and keep current

Nov 30, 2020

A lot of us are in planning mode, heading into 2021. Don’t forget to take some time to include your own personal planning as well. The best advice I can give you is to keep connected and keep current, no matter where you are in your professional marketing journey. Here is how the CMA can help you:

  • Marketers aspiring to leadership positions will strongly benefit from attaining their Chartered Marketer designation. This program combines the knowledge and skills of marketing with insights to think like a business leader.
  • Some marketers may identify a gap in their knowledge of one area of marketing, such as digital marketing or marketing math. Our online certificate courses address these needs. 
  • Others are looking for recent developments and best practices in speciality areas like brief writing, SEO or the art of copywriting. You can find what you need in our range of online seminars, developed for marketers by marketers.
  • Senior marketers may want to build their network and have a sounding board for their ideas on a particular subject. CMA Café, presented by Mastercard was designed for this. Each session is hosted by a marketing leader with a group of up to 20 marketers (director level and above).

(In addition, we have a program for young people wishing to enter the profession, and a long list of events and webinars designed to share current developments in various aspects of marketing.)

I am proud that the CMA offers this full range of professional development opportunities to serve marketers at every stage of their careers. It confirms that we are meeting your individual needs. It also demonstrates that the CMA is helping to raise the bar on marketing excellence in Canada. This fits with our mission to build trust in the power of marketing to transform business.

Stay safe,

John Wiltshire
President and CEO

P.S. Check out my recent Marketing Connected LIVE session with Sabrina Geremia on how digital transformation is influencing marketing and how marketers can help their companies meet the evolving consumer demand and become leaders in digital excellence.




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